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Choose from our tailor made programs and courses that were specifically built for real-world application to not only academically align with standards but the difficulty that the world of work holds.


We are focused on creating real world scenarios to aid in training. This is to aid our learners to think on their feet rather than the book.


Our degree programs are made with the International British system to build a higher standard for students.


Our industry certifications are internationally recognized by the Mastery Consortium Body as well as the EC-Council.

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We aim to make learning hard rather than easy. We built our learning system to survive the world. Moreover we built this system to be affordable and reachable for all.

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We are trusted by some of the best certification bodies in the world of tech including the EC-Council and HackTheBox

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Our Programs have a strict weekly schedule, however you have command on how that week plays out.

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Earn your verifiable certification by completing any of our short courses.


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