About Us

We are an international academy that aims to bring training that is real world based while also bringing the academic standards in the Mastery Consortium at an affordable price.

What We're All About

We are here to uplift skills and bring career clarity to all at the most affordable prices.

Our Vision

Who We Are

"It is impossible for a man to learn what he thinks he already knows."

The industry is one that changes frequently and it becomes crucial that one keeps themselves up to date. Our lecturers keep up to date with this by getting involved in industry summits and training provided by our certifying organizations.

In our commitment to providing comprehensive training and degree programs, including cloud computing, we meticulously align our lectures with the latest advancements from industry leaders such as Google and Amazon AWS. In the field of information security, our expert instructors, affiliated with the EC-Council and actively participating in DEVCON, bring both extensive industry experience and valuable insights to guide you.

At CodeWise Academy, we’ve designed a unique learning approach that simulates real-world challenges, ensuring a more rigorous and effective preparation for the demands of the professional landscape. If you’re seeking an institution that equips you for success in the global arena, CodeWise Academy is your pathway to excellence.

Learn From Industry Leaders

We are trusted by some of the best certification bodies in the world of tech including the EC-Council and HackTheBox.

Learn at Your Own Pace

Our Programs have a strict weekly schedule, however you have command on how that week plays out.

Professional Certification

Earn your verifiable certification by completing any of our short courses.